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Pre -primary is a year of transition from home to formal schooling. Most children come to pre- school filled with curiosity and wonder, enthusiastic to learn about themselves, others and the world around them.

Our role and responsibilities as teachers is to nourish this hunger for knowledge, to motivate and challenge the learner. Children need many opportunities for work and play that will cultivate their individual styles later on as they grow and develop. We have to offer every leaner an equal and fair chance at learning in various ways. Apart from play and formal teacher directed tasks, we at AL NOOR have a system of learning informally.

There are 4 school terms in the year. We allocate a theme to each term. Each theme has a variety of topics, which are then allocated to different teachers who are responsible for the lay out and research. This is all then displayed and discussed with the learners.

Every Tuesday morning, all children proceed to the Media Room, where the Nature table is displayed and the teacher responsible for the set -up, will discuss this particular subject with them. She will relate all the relevant information regarding this topic.

The children are free to bring in items, information, posters or anti waste projects regarding the theme and we display these items. There is a hands on interactive discussion time with them and by the end of the two weeks for each topic most of the children are aware of the interest table. This way of sharing facts and knowledge and later them processing it , makes learning new information easy and enjoyable. .This is where we find out who the thinkers, readers, scientists, academics, artists, etc. are.

It is amazing how the sharing of specific information can challenge them. These themes are chosen with care. Consideration is given to their age and interest. We look at global issues concerning us as well as natural phenomenon as well. This way, whatever current information that appears in the news and media, they are familiar with. It helps the learner identify with real issues.

The best part of having these interest and nature tables is the fun the children have!